Thursday, February 18, 2010

Small Plane Crashes Into Austin, Texas, Office Building

A small single-engine plane crashed into a seven-story office building in Austin, Texas, around 10 a.m. local time Thursday.

An NTSB official told Fox News that they are investigating this as an intentional act, and said it appears the pilot set his own house on fire and then got in his plane and flew it into the building. An NTSB spokesman, however, told that "we can't confirm any of that."

An IRS office is located inside the building, NTSB told Fox News.

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The Austin American-Statesman newspaper reported on its Web site that EMS officials have taken two patients to the hospital, and that there are several "walking wounded" at the scene. Paramedics have set up a triage center at the scene.

Harry Evans, an assistant chief with the Austin Fire Department, said one person from the building was unaccounted for.

"There may be other injuries, we are unsure at this time," Evans said during a news conference Thursday.

Heavy smoke could be seen coming from the building at 9420 Research Boulevard. Several local witnesses on Twitter reported seeing flames coming out of the building and lots of broken glass


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