A United Airlines plane with 161 passengers and eight crew members on board was diverted to make an emergency landing at Salt Lake City International Airport on Thursday morning following a bomb threat.

Airport International Operations Superintendent Dave Korzep said the aircraft, United Flight 741, originated in Denver. It was en route to San Francisco when the decision was made to divert the plane.

No explosions or injuries were reported, and the plane touched down in Salt Lake City about 10 a.m. It taxied to a cargo area on the north end of the airport, where passengers and crew were loaded onto buses.

"Following our standard security protocols, the aircraft will be sequestered ... and the passengers detained for questioning," Korzep said.

He said FBI agents, airport police and bomb-sniffing dogs immediately entered the aircraft after it was cleared.

He said details on how the bomb threat was delivered were sketchy, and the "entire matter is still under investigation."

The Tribune will bring more information as it becomes available.