Friday, February 5, 2010

World Radar Screen February Update

What is World Radar Screen — The WRS is a systematic approach to screening
stocks on a global basis. We aim to select stocks that are undervalued relative to
their fundamentals and that have superior price and analyst estimates

• Performance Update for January — The model started the year on a positive note
— the top/bottom decile spread performance was 0.52%. However it was the
bottom decile (short) that was the main contributor to this performance, while the
top decile (long) underperformed by 3.10%.
•Performance Breakdown — Performance was positive in all regions. US, Europe ex
UK, Japan, Asia ex Japan and emerging markets posted 1.93%, 0.03%, 0.74%,
4.50% and 1.26%, respectively, for the decile spreads.
• Sector and Industry Group Perspective — We rank sectors by aggregating the WRS
scores for individual companies within each sector. The model currently does not
classify any sectors as "Attractive" or "Unattractive. Sectors are polarised between
“Contrarian” and “Glamour” classifications.
•Regional Perspective — We also classify regions in the same way as we do sectors.
Currently we do not rate any region as “attractive” and “unattractive”. The Japan,
EAFE and Europe ex UK are considered “contrarian”.

Full Report HERE

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