Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catalysts to Watch 03/25 Bernanke will be testifying, Greece, Obama $SPY

Catalysts to Watch

·         Bernanke will be testifying on Thurs 3/25 before an exit strategy hearing (this hearing was postponed b/c of the snow storms from a few weeks back; note that Bernanke already released his testimony from this event, so the only incremental items should in the Q&A).  Bernanke will start speaking 10amET.   

·         - EU Heads of State Hold a summit on 3/25.  It seems like Europe will simply reiterate what they have been saying – that a plan is in place to give assistance should it be needed but at the moment no such aid is required and no details will be provided to the marketplace

·         Treasuries - This week, the Treasury will sell $32 billion in seven-year securities (Thurs). 

·         In commodities, the CFTC will hold a meeting on Mar 25 to start examining if speculators in the base- and precious-metals markets should be subject to trading limits. 

·         Obama will speak on the newly signed HC law at the University of Iowa in the afternoon, his first event since the historic passage of the landmark legislation.  CNN

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