Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catalysts to Watch & Corporate Events Calendar this week $DB

Catalysts to Watch
• Geithner testifying before House Committee on budget at 10amET
• Bernanke and Volcker to testify before House Committee on budget tomorrow Wed 3/17
Economics Calendar
• Tuesday, Mar. 16th: US (FOMC Meeting, Housing Starts, Building Permits, Import Prices, ABC Consumer Confidence)
• Wednesday, Mar. 17th: US (MBA Mortgage Application, PPI); Eurozone (BoE Minutes, UK Jobless Claims, ILO Unemployment rate); Other (BoJ Interest Rate Decision).
• Thursday, Mar. 18th: US (CPI, Current Account Balance, Jobless Claims, Philadelphia Fed, Leading Indicators); Eurozone (Eurozone Current Accounts); Other (New Zealand Consumer Confidence, BoJ Monthly Report, Swiss Trade Balance, IP and ZEW).
• Friday, Mar. 19th: US (n/a); Eurozone (German PPI); Other (Canada CPI, Retail Sales).

Corporate Events Calendar
• Tues Mar 16: earnings before the open (DB, ARIA, FDS, DFS, Alibaba). Earnings after the close (ABK, FMCN). Analyst meetings (PCL, CMI, RDS). On Citigroup, May 16 is the day on which Washington can start to sell off its 7B+ common share stake (the Treasury will have to file a prospectus for the sale).
• Wed Mar 17: earnings before the open (Unicredit, ATU). Earnings after the close (CLC, NKE, GES, IHS). Analyst meetings (DT, FWLT, WLP, ARUN, LSI, MDU, ARRS).
• Thurs Mar 18: earnings out before the open (FDX, CRAI, NWY, SCVL, SMRT, GME, NBG, WGO, VIP). Earnings out after the close (CTAS, PALM). Analyst meetings (DT, AER, TQNT, OI, TREX, Roche, GCI, FST).
• Fri Mar 19: earnings before the open (PERY).

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