Monday, March 15, 2010

EMEA Daily danskebank $CEE

  • It was a slow day macro wise on Friday. Latvia posted another current account surplus, but the trade balance was still negative (bigger trade deficit than the current account surplus), which indicates continued difficulties in being competitive on the international export market.

  • The EU meeting in Brussels today will be in the limelight. In particular, focus will be on whether any solutions for Greece are produced. The CEE markets are likely to follow the risk appetite developments that may evolve from the EU leaders’ decisions. Apart from that, Polish inflation numbers will be the main macro event.
Trading update

  • We remain cautiously optimistic about the more risky markets in the CEE in the very near term. The EU meeting may produce news that indicates a greater willingness to assist member states in need, which would benefit the HUF and Hungarian yields.

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