Friday, March 5, 2010

EMERGING MARKET Equity Flows: Inflows of $0.24bn[$MS Morgan Stanley Research] $ETF

EM Equity Flows: Inflows of $0.24bn

• EM equity funds recorded modest inflow of $0.24 bn for the week ended 03/03/10 , with inflows mostly to EM Asia funds (71% of total while GEMs funds recorded outflow of $0.07 bn. YTD EM funds recorded net inflow of $1.7 bn. ETF type funds accounted for 17% of inflow this week. On a cumulative basis the last 10 weeks brought $2.5bn in net inflow. Total assets under management tracked by EPFR reached $511bn, now 12% below
the all-time high.

• MSCI EM was up 3.6% over the week ending March 3rd. Within the broader index MSCI EMEA was up 4.9%, MSCI LatAm was up 4.4% and MSCI EM Asia was up by 2.7%. At the country level, Poland (+7.9%), South Africa (+7.5%) and India (+6.0%) outperformed, while Indonesia (-0.5%), Chile (- 0.4%) and Colombia (+0.9%) underperformed. At the sector level, Materials (+5.4%) and Financials (+5.4%) outperformed, while Telecom (+1.9%) and Utilities (+2.9%) were resilient.

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