Thursday, March 18, 2010

Few Surprises in the Senate Securitization Reform, Highlighting the FDIC Role $GS $BAC $CS $BCS

  • Regulatory Reform Moves Forward – The Senate Banking Committee released on Monday its wide ranging proposal for financial regulatory reform, including several provisions specific to the securitization market.

  • Senate and House Securitization Reforms Fairly Consistent – Overall, the Senate bill provisions are encouragingly fairly consistent with the securitizationspecific provisions that the House bill included. There are a few differences however, that call for attention.

  •  FDIC Safe Harbor Conditions – As regulators, including the FDIC, are tasked with implementing the specific rules, their actions will be key to follow. It is especially important to look for any differences between the FDIC expected final safe harbor conditions, and the Senate and House bills provisions.


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