Monday, March 22, 2010

Morgan Stanley Strategy Forum March 22, 2010 [Morgan Stanley Research] $SPY

Asia/GEMS Equity Strategy Near-term Headwinds to Fade in Second Half
We began this year strategically bullish EM equities but more tactically underweight than many other EM strategists. Our 2010 preview was called “Headwinds Building But Further Upside Likely.” Here we update our views.

Government Relations What’s Next in Healthcare and Financial Services Reforms
Healthcare reform remains in flux, despite the past weekend’s activity. To clear up some confusion, yes, the House of Representatives passed the major base bill yesterday, which the Senate had already passed. Now that base bill will go to the president for his signature. But the House also passed what constitutes a fix-it bill with refinements to the healthcare reforms, and that will need to go to the Senate (and back to the House again if the Senate makes changes).

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