Friday, March 5, 2010

Rosetta Stone Inc Morgan Stanley TMT Conference Highlights $RST

Q409 momentum appears sustainable: Tom Adams, President and CEO of Rosetta Stone, and Brian Helman,
CFO, presented today and the key takeaways from the discussion were: 1) there are multiple opportunities to
leverage the company’s investment in content; 2) demand remains high, confirmed by recent results; and3) international expa nsion has only just begun. Innovative products will drive growth: Rosetta Stone recently announced a new product lineup. It will roll out a new version of TOTALe (Version 4) which will be an online version of the core boxed software product with incremental functionality, including the ability to engage in live, conversational practice sessions. In addition, it will introduce Rosetta Lite, a sub-$200 product, and iPhone apps, which we believe could greatly expand its target market.

Rosetta Stone Inc

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