Monday, May 31, 2010

China Equities News $CAF $ICBC

· China equities fell off amid worries about measures being taken to clamp down on the
property market - China’s cabinet said Mon it had approved a plan from the state planning agency to
“gradually push forward reform” of the country’s property tax regime. FT
· China growth – despite measure to clamp down on housing and tame inflation, both are still running
very hot; loan growth and money supply are still very strong; officials increasingly worried about an
overheating economy. Many feel China will have to resort to interest rate hikes. London Telegraph.
· China’s Wen warns of the possibility of a double dip although said China’s growth remains on
track; Wen said China would keep the yuan at a rational level and said it would be premature to
withdraw stimulus spending – CNBC/Reuters
· China delays the launch of CDS for its domestic market – FT
· South Korea considering regulating forward currency contracts to

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