Monday, May 24, 2010

Commodities; FX; Corp Credit; Treasuries strengthened into the bell $TLT

· Commodities:  Crude oil finished the day just over $70, posting a small gain. Natural gas closed just north of $4, ending the day with a minor loss. In metals - Copper held on to much of its early gains and up >2% and Gold finished near its highs around $1195, up ~1.6%.

· FX: USD (DXY) traded flat for much of the afternoon, closing near $86.35, up ~1%. The dollar also traded flat into the close vs. the pound and the yen, up ~0.2% and up ~0.5% respectively.  Similar to the dollar, the Euro was flat after the morning – closing just under $1.24, down ~1.5%. The Euro finished the day down ~1% vs. the Yen.

· Corp. Credit: Corp Credit finished the day mixed. IG 14 weakened in the afternoon, finishing out 3 1/2 bps while HY outperformed stocks – finishing flat

· Treasuries: Treasuries strengthened into the bell - the 2s yielded 74bps, while the 10 yielded 322bps. The 2-10 spread steepened to 247bps

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