Monday, May 24, 2010

Events to watch coming up; $AAPL, SEC Exchanges, National Bank of Greece, Mark your Calanders!!

· Few holidays in Europe on Monday May 24 – the following markets will be closed –
Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Germany (closed for Whit Monday)

· Stock exchanges - The SEC is scheduled to vote Wednesday on rules requiring national
securities exchanges to give regulators data for a consolidated audit trail
; also - the major
exchanges will meet next week with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to discuss
new market rules to ensure a unified response to volatile market situations. DJ

· Carried interest tax – the House is scheduled to vote Tuesday on proposed legislation that
would raise taxes on investment managers (DJ)
· NBG – National Bank of Greece reports earnings on Wed May 26
· Treasury auctions – Tues May 25 ($42B of 2s), Wed May 26 ($40B of 5s), Thurs May 27
($31B of 7s).

· Banks - American Bankers Associations/ABA to Host Free Telephone Briefing Monday on
Sweeping Senate Reform Bill 3pmET
· Banks - In the coming days, Moody's will publish an update to its March 2010 report "Dodd
Bill May Reduce Systemic Support for Bank Debt."

· US-Beijing strategic talks to take place May 24-25 – Geithner will be in China
· Geithner to travel through Europe next week following the Beijing strategic talks; he will
meet on Wed in the UK w/officials and then travel for a meeting w/Trichet; on Thurs he is
due to meet w/German officials – WSJ

· Conferences - Among the significant conferences next week are the Bank of America Merrill
Lynch Services Conference from Monday through Wednesday in New York; the UBS Global
Oil and Gas Conference from Monday through Thursday in Austin, Texas; the B. Riley &
Co. Investor Conference from Monday through Wednesday in Santa Monica, Calif.; the
Wells Fargo Securities Gaming and Lodging Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday in Las
Vegas; the Barclays Capital Communications, Media and Technology Conference on
Wednesday and Thursday in New York; and the Citi Global Healthcare Conference on
Wednesday and Thursday in New York. DJ

· Spain Strikes set – a Spanish union has called for a strike of public sector workers for June 8
· Short Interest for the front-half of May released – Tues May 25.
· Run-off election – Lincoln’s run off election on June 8.
· Mon May 31 – holidays in both US and UK
· May 31-June 4 – Congressional recess for Memorial Day; the goal is to have a financial
regulatory overhaul bill signed and on Obama’s desk by this break.
· European Parliament Committee Meeting June 1-3.
· June 3-5: Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of the G20
· June 26-27: G-20 Summit Meeting, June 26-27, Canada
· UBS Global Oil and Gas Conference May 24, 2010 - May 27, 2010
· REITs – the NAREIT ’10 Investor Forum. June 9-11.
· Lodging industry – NYU Int’l Hospitality Industry Investment Conf. June 6-8.
· UBS Electronic Payments Summit – Mar 25
· Annual ASCO meeting (American Society for Clinical Oncology, June 4-8, 2010) in
· Confirmation hearings for Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court due to start June 28.
· AAPL - its Worldwide Developers Conference will begin June 7, the likely date when the
company will introduce its next iPhone (ComputerWorld)

· RMBS - expects "big" decisions next week in a series of legal disputes with NVDA, MU,
and Hynix; could pave the way for what could be a substantial settlement; a "strong
possibility" of a decision in the coordinated appeals of legal fights with Hynix and Micron
next week since the chief judge on the court was due to retire on May 31. – Reuters
· TXN mid-Q update on June 8.
· OPEC – next scheduled meeting not until Oct 15

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