Friday, May 28, 2010

US Equities; Best Performing and Weakest performing stocks today $S $MSFT $LO

· US Equities – performance is starting to diverge again (i.e., for much of May, correlations rose towards 1 for all major groups as everything sold off).  On the upside, tech climbed 1.5% w/the semis driving a lot of the upside (the SOX jumped 2.5% and was one of the single best acting groups in the whole market).  The airlines (XAL) surged 6% this week as LCC jumped 23% and AMR climbed 13% (strength was pretty broad based in the XAL).  Media stocks were big performers this week, also w/broad strength (inc. cable, w/TWC up 8% and CMCSA up 7%, newspapers, w/GCI up 7%, and networks, w/VIA up more than 3%).  The REITs climbed as well, moving up 3%, ahead of the big NAREIT conf in a couple weeks.  The HMOs were up close 4% (led by AGP, CNC, HNT).  The staples were one of the few groups to trade lower (LO, KFT, HNZ, MO, SLE all fell ~2-4%) while non-HMO health care, software, and utilities were all underperformers too (investors shunned the relative safer havens as risk was re-embraced this week).  The financials were up small w/BKX flattish overall (optimism about the reconciliation process softening the Dodd bill was offset by continued worries out of Europe and the new FASB accounting guidelines). 

· Best Performing sp500 stocks this week: S, NTAP, SNDK, TIE, CLF, COG, ATI, HP, AKS, TWC, IPG, GNW, NBR, PCS, PXD, NRG, GME, COH, SLM, AES

· Weakest performing: DO, BHI, MON, DV, SLB, HAL, SII, MCO, JNS, CELG, MTB, MA, KR, WFC, APC, BEN, LO, JNJ, APOL, MSFT

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