Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Catalysts to Watch 06/02/2010 #GREECE

· Financial Instrument Accounting Overhaul: JPMorgan Conference Call with FASB Board Member Marc Siegel and FASB Staff; Wed 4pmET.
· The G20 finance ministers are meeting on Fri and Sat (6/4-5) in order to set the stage for the G20 leaders meeting (6/26-27); it doesn't seem as any single item is on the agenda for this Fri/Sat although exchange rates and financial regulation will certainly be discussed (so far, there hasn’t been any talk of the communiqué mentioning any currencies explicitly but investors will be closely watching for any talk specifically of the euro weakness or the yen strength). European officials this week sent signals that they aren't too worried about the euro's decline w/some even welcoming the sell-off as it is providing a boost to exports.
· Japan - The new PM will be appointed on June 4th and new cabinet members are expected to be announced on Monday, June 7th. At the moment, the No1 candidate of the next PM is Naoto Kan, current Finance Minister.
· Greece - Athens public transport and Greek media nationwide will go on a 24-hour strike Thursday (Reuters)
· Oil spill – Obama to speak on Larry King June 3 re the Gulf oil spill (Bloomberg)

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