Monday, June 14, 2010

Index Change Updates

· S&P adds slew of companies to its Total Market Index (TMI), a precursor to entering S&P indices (400, 500, 600 as all these companies are now eligible for inclusion); ACN, ACE, ACGL, ALV, AXS, CIT, CBE, COV, GRMN, G, IR, MRVL, NE, PRE, STX, RIG, TEL, TYC, WRCX, WFT.  Also added to the TMI: ACTG, AYR, ALIM, AWH, ALTI, ALTE, ASI, ANSW, ANTH, ARSD, ARCL, AGII, AHL, AZPN, AGO, AFCB, ATSC, AVEO, BALT, BJGP, CALX, CELH, CEDC, CERP, CEVA, CHSP, CBI, CDXS, CCBP, CNST, CNVO, CLB, DSCI, DEXO, DVOX, ECTY, EMAN, ENH, ESA, EVK, EXL, FNGN, FIBK, FSR, FWLT, FDP, GNRC, GFN, GLBZ, GLBC, GGS, GBDC, GRM, GLRE, HLF, INTG, IRDM, IRWD, LAZ, LEA, MHLD, MXL, MERU, MUSA, MF, MRH, NATR, OBAF, OABC, OEH, OFIX, PHIIK, PTP, PRI, PRIM, QNST, RNR, REXI, ST, SIG, SPB, SPSC, SSNC, STNR, SPMD, SYUT, TBSI, TNGN, TRNO, GTS, INDM, UTIW, VR, VTG, VIAS, WBC, WBNK, WWON, WG.  there will be no immediate reconstitution of the S&P 500 to include these companies. Rather, the normal practice of index changes done on an as-needed basis as mergers, acquisitions and other corporate events occur will continue.
· Russell - On June 11th, Russell published the preliminary lists of additions to and deletions from the Russell indexes. These will be updated on June 18th and June 25th. The Reconstitution will be effective after the close of trading on Friday, June 25.  JPMorgan’s M Moon has more information available on this reconstitution. 

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