Monday, June 28, 2010

Israeli air strike kills Palestinian militant in northern Gaza Strip ..

Heroes of Israel


An Israeli air strike on the Gaza Strip on Monday killed at least one Palestinian militant and wounded two other people, medical workers said. An Israel Defense Forces spokeswoman said a military aircraft had "targeted a Palestinian who fired a rocket-propelled grenade at soldiers" that struck inside Israel. There were also reports of a mortar bomb fired from Gaza at Israel, causing no injuries. "A direct hit was identified" in the attack, the army spokeswoman said. There were no reported casualties from the grenade attack that prompted the air raid, although the army reported that one of their vehicles was damaged. Israel frequently carries out air raids over Hamas-ruled Gaza, targeting Palestinian militants suspected of firing rockets into Israel. Palestinian medics said the latest strike struck near the Jebalya refugee camp in northern Gaza, and that the man killed was active with the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a militant group. One of the two men wounded was in a serious condition, the medics said. Two Palestinians were killed in an Israeli air strike on Friday in Gaza, when Israel attacked tunnels along the border with Egypt that it says are used by Islamist militants to smuggle in weapons.


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