Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tony Hayward throws up the White Flag.. Let an American Deal with it $BP #BP

Tony Hayward, BP’s Chief Executive Officer handed over the responsibilities of the Gulf oil spill to an American by the name of Robert Dudley. Dudley is the Managing Director of the BP Board and had recently been selected to run BP’s disaster management tony_hayward_440 unit. BP has been working on containing the spill for quite a while now, and has gotten the spill down to 35,000 to 60,000 barrels of oil leaking per day. Though, U.S. Coast Guard Admiral, Thad Allen said BP contained 25,000 barrels of oil Thursday from the well. That is almost 10,000 more then they captured in the last 24 hours. Tony Hayward has been seen on Youtube apologizing and telling us that everything will get taken care of. They have done a lot so far to try and contain this oil spill. We will see if Robert Dudley, the newly appointed disaster management unit lead can do anything differently and get this problem solved. Short URL:

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