Friday, August 6, 2010

Media/Telecom- iPhone: China Unicom is planning to selling a version of the iPhone with Wi Fi next week

·         Net – Neutrality: The FCC has ended their discussions with companies on internet regulation. The FCC’s Chief of Staff, Ed Lazarus, said that talks (which included AT&T, Verizon, Google, Skype, and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association) haven’t “generated a robust framework to preserve the openness and freedom of the Internet.” [Bloomberg]
·         VZ: Verizon released a statement yesterday that said, “The FCC talks made good progress toward consensus on a number of points. We will continue to work with the FCC, Congress and all interested parties to find a solution that ensures that: (1) the Internet remains open and provides consumers with the Web experiences they want, and (2) investment remains robust so that broadband is the premier platform for innovation for the next decade." [PR Newswire] 
·         Reactions to the FCC’s Announcement: John Kerry (D-MA) said of the FCC’s decision yesterday, “While this is an imperfect solution, it's his only real option to maintain the proper role of government oversight in communications" [Broadcasting & Cable]    
·         T: CEO Randall Stephenson said the FCC’s proposal to regulate the internet, “doesn’t make a whole lot of sense” He also said, “It’s hard to explain why the FCC would be compelled to change anything, especially when we can’t explain what needs to be fixed.” [Bloomberg]

·         VZ/GOOG: The Financial Times recaps the talks between Google and Verizon. [Financial Times]
·         Cable: The WSJ’s Heard on the Street says that some households could be turning to free video over the internet instead of TV subscriptions. The story cites TWC’s earnings which showed that internet access subscriptions held up better than video/telephone subscriptions [WSJ/DJ]
·         Android vs. iPhone: According to iSuppli, Android’s software will outpace the iPhone worldwide by 2012. iSuppli said that Android will be used in 75M smartphones in the next two years and the iPhone’s software will be in 62M. [Bloomberg]
·         The Oprah Winfrey Network will have Rosie O'Donnell's new daytime talk show in 2011. Rosie O’Donnell’s return to daytime TV was announced earlier in the year. [Broadcasting & Cable]
·         CBS: The updated “Hawaii Five – 0” will air on September 20th on CBS, which could benefit from built in marketing and an existing audience. [WSJ]
·         DIS: Disney has raised ticket prices at Disneyland and Disney World from 3.7% to 9.6%. Disney will report earnings next week. [Daily Finance]
·         Spectrum: Senator Jay Rockefeller (D - W VA.) introduced a bill that allows for an auction that reimburses broadcasters for spectrum retained by the government, if the spectrum was given back voluntarily. Regarding the FCC, “The Commission may not reclaim frequencies licensed to broadcast television 3 licensees or other licensees, directly or indirectly, on
an involuntary basis." [Broadcasting & Cable]
·         iPhone: China Unicom is planning to selling a version of the iPhone with Wi Fi next week. [WSJ]
·         Mobile Advertising: The WSJ highlights how marketers are using “rich media ads” which cover an entire cell phone screen. [WSJ]
·         International Cable: Carlos Slim offered ~$2.6B to buy all of the preferred shares of Net Servicos de Comunicacao. [WSJ]  
·         CSTR: In a deal between Redbox and CVS, there will 700 Redbox kiosks in CVS stores by the end of 2010. [NY Post]
·         WIN: Mentioned positively by Jim Cramer [CNBC]*blog*&par=RSS  

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