Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Apple Headlines $AAPL – Apple social Network, Apple TV

· Apple TV: Fox and ABC are expected to offer 99c rentals of their TV shows through iTunes [WSJ]

· Apple TV: Apple is preparing to introduce programming from NFLX on the new version of Apple TV. The new Apple TV is expected to cost $99. [Bloomberg] 

· Apple TV: All Things Digital says the Apple TV rentals aren’t “game changers” and it's a substitute for the $30/month TV subscription that Apple initially wanted to sell. [All Things D]

· APPL: If Apple introduces an iOS Apple TV, iPhone and iPad games could be made available on TV. [Macworld]

· AAPL: Apple may introduce a new social network at their event today. [Business Insider]

· AAPL: Apple will steam today’s event through HTTP Live Streaming, which isn’t available on non Apple devices. [Barron’s]

· T: Cable & Wireless Worldwide is trading higher on speculation of a possible takeover offer from AT&T. AT&T could be looking at a bid of 110p/share. [DJ] & [Bloomberg]

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