Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Media/Leisure/Telco Apple News

· CSTR, APPL: Redbox executives have spoken with studios about an internet subscription
service that’s integrated with their kiosks. In regards to AAPL, Coinstar CEO Paul Davis said,
“We have a longstanding relationship with Apple… I would not conclude we are or are not
doing a streaming deal with them.” [Bloomberg]  
for-netflixs-online-subscription-business.html] Note: This was out on Friday
· AAPL: The WSJ’s “Heard on the Street” looks at the future of Apple TV & other set top
boxes. As the FCC tries to “foster a competitive retail market”, they are looking for comments
on cable/satellite companies letting viewers use any “smart video devices” that are available
in stores connect with their TV service. Having to connect an additional device has impacted
the online video market, and according to the article, “If Mr. Jobs wants Apple TV to flourish,
the fastest route may be via Washington, D.C.” [WSJ]
· APPL: Barron’s highlights the lack of apps/an apps store for Apple TV, and says, “seeking to
keep the device simple, Apple went too far. Maybe next year” [Barron’s]
· AAPL: Apple is reportedly building 2MM iPads per month to meet demand and would like to
bump that number up to 3MM. [Apple Insider]
· AAPL: Apple announced that over one million users have joined Ping. [Apple Insider]

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