Friday, June 4, 2010

CEO Craig Donohue says $CME “ Were Not Looking to Trade Swaps” [Short Idea :theBack9]

:46 (Dow Jones) CME Group (CME) CEO Craig Donohue says CME will stick to its clearinghouse role when it comes to the  swaps markets, which are being steered toward electronic trading platforms as part of wide-ranging new financial regulation package. "It's very possible for swap dealers or inter-dealer brokers to create their own alternative swap  execution facilities," Donohue says at an industry event. These will be connected to clearinghouses like CME's, Donohue  says, and that will continue to be CME's main focus. "That's what our customers are telling us they'd like to do," he  says. (    Call us at (212) 416-2184 or email  Visit the Market Talk blog at
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