Sunday, August 8, 2010

$AAPL, $RIMM News over the weekend

· AAPL – speculation of a CDMA iPhone coming in Jan is true according to Tech Crunch and there have been a bunch of data points emanating from the tech supply chain that corroborate the talk; sources have indicated that Apple has placed orders for millions of units of QCOM CDMA chipsets for a build that will start in Dec – Tech Crunch
· AAPL – Mark Papermaster, the Apple exec in charge of iPhone hardware, has left the company in wake of the antenna scandal; the head of Mac hardware engineering will assume Papermaster’s responsibilities – NYT
· AAPL - Apple could hold its iPod-centric event sooner than the expected September timeframe, with an event rumored to take place either Aug.16 or 17 – Apple Insider
· AT&T/AAPL – in T’s latest 10Q, the co spends a lot of time discussing exclusive handset deals, saying that it doesn’t expect to suffer a “material neg. impact” from the end of such arrangements (inc. the iPhone). WSJ
· RIMM and Saudi Arabia reach a deal to keep the Blackberry service running in the country; will involve placing a RIMM server inside Saudi Arabia (WSJ); note that RIMM shrs were strong late on Fri in anticipation of it being able to resolve the security concerns of certain countries, inc. Saudi Arabia.
· RIMM – Kuwait says it’s not planning a Blackberry ban – DJ
· RIMM – Barron’s has a pos. review of the new RIMM Torch device; however, Barron’s notes its an evolutionary step forward, not a revolutionary one. The phone will retain a lot of Blackberry loyalists but prob. won’t win fresh converts. By the end of the year, there will be a lot more competition, inc. from MSFT and NOK. Barron’s

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