Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summary of Barrons-- $TGT $HPQ $ NFX

· More quantitative easing is needed to avoid a Japan-like period of economic stagnation – the Fed will probably wind up ramping back up its policy of quantitative easing according to Barron’s by the coming fall to fight off sluggish growth and deflation; the next meeting after the coming one in Sept will have three new Fed governors, all inflation doves, who could push for more accommodative action (Barron’s)
· TGT: Pos. cover story on the stock; the article says that “Unlike many retailers, Target is well prepared to combat an arguably more insidious threat: a second U.S. recession”
· For Profit School Stocks: Barron’s says it may be time to take short sale profits in APOL, or think about buying CPLA or STRA
· WFMI: Mixed comments on the stock, saying WFMI shares “have become more reasonable, but aren’t yet a screaming buy”
· NFX: Pos. mention, saying that, “Newfield boasts an enviable ability to shift to oil from gas as prices dictate; a core of properties able to produce at current rates into the next decade, and vast chunks of acreage, acquired at bargain prices, that in the years ahead could dramatically boost its output of crude”
· HPQ – Barron’s is positive on the stock; says to buy on weakness; operationally and financially, the co remains strong; Todd Bradley, who runs the PC group, could be tapped as the next CEO – Barron’s
· V – positive comments; valuation is too cheap; shrs could have 30% upside from here; investors are discounting a worst case outcome from the regulatory overhaul – Barron’s
· RIMM – Barron’s has a pos. review of the new RIMM Torch device; however, Barron’s notes its an evolutionary step forward, not a revolutionary one. The phone will retain a lot of Blackberry loyalists but prob. won’t win fresh converts. By the end of the year, there will be a lot more competition, inc. from MSFT and NOK. Barron’s
· Via Tech – the INTC FTC settlement could pave the way for someone to launch a JV or buy outright Via Tech – Barron’s
· BBY – somewhat pos. comments; says the co is working to launch new shopping experiences and introduce proprietary products to avoid the fate of BKS or CC – Barron’s
· ACOM – pos mention; the co continues to see strong growth; an NBC series could help to drive further subscriber adds. Barron’s
· RIG – pos. comments; the stock could have upside to $70-80 (Barron’s)

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  1. Are you recommending these as shares to buy or is this purely Barron's recommendation??